Censorship in the Modern Age

Traditional marriage meme “doesn’t follow community standards”. This is the sort of censorship which, together with a crippling clampdown on the reach of advertisers, has plunged social media giant Facebook into a share price meltdown. 

Take a look at this screenshot. Can you imagine what is going on inside the head of the Facebook executive who produced the guidelines that allowed one of their ‘administrators’ to remove a post for using the words “I support traditional marriage” and “straight pride”?

Or perhaps it was the image that triggered this latest example of the crushing intolerance of the tolerant? Stunning!

The lunatics are well and truly running the asylum and their vice-like grip of the means of communication become tighter by the day.

Post one article or meme that contradicts the liberal narrative and you will be banished to the cyber gulag for wrong speak!

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