Danish conservative journalist and broadcaster Iben Thranholm tells us more….

The reason why I started to get interested in Russia three years ago was because I saw that there was a huge revival of Christianity, of Orthodox faith in Russia after the Cold War when the Soviet Union collapsed. I was really unaware of this before the Pussy Riot case, where I saw that Russians absolutely would not tolerate when somebody walks into a church, into a sacred place, and acts like the girls from Pussy Riot did.

Even though most of the people here in the West were very angry with Russia because they think that Russia violated the freedom of speech, I saw the situation in different way. I thought that nobody can go into a church and act like they did. I am a Catholic and I have Christian conservative values. Therefore, of course, from my perspective it was offensive.

At that time I suddenly understood that Russia is a country that is promoting and preserving Christian values. And I started to do some research.

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