Christians attacked, Antifa Destroyed!

On Saturday, Patriots and Christians from the Patriot prayer group were attacked by communist thugs of Antifa as they took to the streets of Portland. Unfortunately for the reds, real men prepared to fight faith and nation showed up!

What followed was nothing less than the demolition of the left-wing mob:

Patriot Prayer, led by its leader, US senate candidate Joey Gibson, assembled in parks along Third Avenue in downtown Portland but Far-left reds congregated in huge numbers close by.

Police disarmed members and supporters of patriot prayer, confiscating their pepper sprays but from the videos we can see the Communist counter-protestors did not have their flick sticks confiscated.

Regular Patriot Prayer rally attendee Katherine Townsend told the group that Portland police had “set us up” and accused them of “disarming us and herding us towards antifa”.

The Police revoked the permit for the Patriot march and ordered both groups to disperse.  Regardless, Saturday was a victory for Patriots and Christians. Antifa is quickly learning that they no longer control the streets. This will not be the last march by Patriot Prayer and we stand by our brothers and sisters as they exercise the first amendment right in defence of all we hold dear!

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