Crafting an English Longbow

Actually originating from Wales, the mighty longbow became the basis of English military might for centuries.

The way it evened the odds between heavily armoured knights and the peasantry also had an impact on the social history of England, contributing to the decline of feudalism and the rise of the free yeoman farmer as the defining figure of late medieval times. It’s a little difficult to rob the peasants blind when they can turn you into a giant pincushion sooner than say ‘roast beef’!

A few points on English Longbows:…
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Hand crafting an English Longbow with simple hand tools.
Wood- Red Oak
Backing- 2 layers of sheetrock tape and outer layer of linen bonded with Titebond II wood glue
Finished with 3 coats of Danish oil
Approx. 40# at 30″
68.5″ length
String making-…
Making a Laminated Longbow-…

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