Despite Social Media Censorship, Ireland Must Vote No To Abortion

As Ireland gears up for the crucial  referendum on abortion on May 25, the pro-abortion mainstream media are complaining about how grass-roots pro-life campaigners are using Facebook and other social media platforms to get across their message – which is largely excluded by the corporate press.

David Quinn, founder of the socially conservative Catholic group the Iona Institute, has dismissed those complaints: “Of course mainstream media dislike social-media advertising by pro-lifers,” he wrote in a Wednesday tweet. ”Such ads are a way of doing an end-run around media bias.”

Nevertheless, Facebook has now decided to block all adverts about the referendum. With the pro-abortion lobby dominating the mainstream media, this decision will – as is intended – have a massive impact on the effectiveness of the pro-life campaign.

This is not just a deadly danger to unborn children in Ireland; it also shows how the liberal elite are moving to reimpose the stranglehold of the old corporate media (aka the “Lying Press”) on the distribution of news and the formation of public opinion.

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