Donald Trump Keeps ANOTHER Election Promise – Defies Elite To Deliver Peace!

“I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace, than to risk peace in pursuit of politics”. With one brilliant & brave sentence in Helsinki, Donald Trump has staked a very real claim to the title ‘world statesman’. 

It is hard to think of a braver, or wiser, position or statement by any US President since John F Kennedy decided to defy the criminal elite running the (private) Federal Reserve by printing greenbacks to boost America’s money supply without borrowing ‘money’ created out of thin air from the banksters.

Now we will see every single journalist, media hack and politician on his back! Every single one who is a shill for the warmongering global elite and the corrupt military-industrial complex will crawl out of the woodwork to attack the President.

But the desire for world peace, and an understanding that to elect ‘Killary’ would be to vote for World War 3, was a key reason for Donald Trump’s election. Today, he signalled his intent to defy the political and media elites of the entire Western world in order to keep his promise to the American people.

THIS is the Donald Trump for whom they voted. THIS is the Donald Trump we campaigned to get elected. Congratulations, and God protect you, Mr President!

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