Tell the EU to "get stuffed"!

Goal: 10,000 signatures

The EU is telling the British people they must accept open borders AFTER Brexit – We must tell the EU...”GET STUFFED!”


Theresa “The Appeaser” May WILL allow Brussels to dictate our immigration policy AFTER we leave the European Union!

 We, the British people, exercised our democratic right and voted to control our own borders; yet we are being compared to Nazis and ISIS terrorists and described as stupid knuckle draggers!!

 We are none of these things; we are simply THE MAJORITY OF BRITISH PATRIOTS demanding OUR COUNTRY BACK!

This is the most disgraceful betrayal of the British People ever!

We ask every British patriot to sign our petition, as a show of defiance to our treacherous Prime Minister sabotaging the future of our country, and urge our political leaders to walk away from the negotiating table if we are not allowed to control OUR own borders!

Will you sign?


The Knights Templar Order