EXPOSED! EU Putting Taxpayers’ Money On Pre-Loaded Debit Cards For Illegals

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The European Union and sinister billionaire subversive George Soros are paying to give pre-loaded debit cards to illegal immigrant ‘refugees’ to help them infiltrate Soft Touch Europe!


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The scandal has been unearthed byHungary’s ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat (KDNP) parties. They have called on the European Commission to answer questions regarding prepaid debit cards reportedly issued for migrants, the alliance’s spokesman, Istvan Hollik, told a press conference in Budapest on Saturday.


Earlier this week, Fidesz’s Lajos Kosa, head of the Hungarian Parliament’s Defence and Law Enforcement Committee, cited recent reports about tens of thousands of prepaid debit cards made available to migrants by the European Commission and the United Nations Refugee Agency UNHCR.

The debit cards are reported to be being used by migrants on the reactivated Balkan migration route, Hollik said. “The EC should explain the origins of the cards, the amounts deposited on them, and the reasons why the scheme was kept in secret,” he said.

The cards are said to be funded by moneys from the EU, the UN and US financier George Soros, Hollik said.

Tens of thousands of migrants on their way to the southern borders of Europe, Hollik said, adding that this way they the people helping them invade Europe may also be financing and aiding future terrorism.

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