11 Churches Burned in Egypt

Once again, only the proverbial tip of the iceberg of persecution Christians experience throughout the Muslim world is reaching the West: on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022, U.S. media outlets reported that a Coptic church “caught fire,” leading to 41 Christian deaths, many of them children.  The official explanation remains that “faulty electric wiring” was responsible.

Left completely unreported in the Western press, however, is that, all throughout the month of August—particularly within the dates of an important religious season, when churches were especially packed—a total of eleven Coptic churches in Egypt “caught fire.” Two (Imbaba and Minya) were major, some were minor, and some were caught early enough to prevent serious damage, thanks to heightened vigilance among the Christians themselves. They are listed below:

Young adults up to 100x more likely to suffer COVID jab injuries than be protected

University COVID-19 vaccine mandates are unethical because the vaccines are up to nearly 100 times more likely to cause a person of student age serious injury than prevent him or her from being hospitalized with COVID-19, a new study has concluded.

Brits Act to Heat Own Homes

British dads are taking action to keep their families and homes warm this winter as the energy crisis forces people to take steps to help themselves.

First, sales of woodburning stoves soared by 40 per cent. Now, it has emerged that chainsaws have seen a surge in demand – to cut wood for the stoves.

UK Council replace story-telling library bear with gender-neutral alien using they and them pronouns 

An English council has come under fire after it replaced its library story-time telling bear with a gender-neutral rainbow alien that is neither female nor male, after campaigners incorrectly claimed the alien was trans and the policy was an effort to push 'gender ideology'.

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The Templar Report is an important, informative and heartening part of the daily routine for a growing number of our brethren and friends. We started the broadcasts - which go out at 6 p.m. British Time, every evening except Saturday - as a temporary measure at the start of the covid lockdown tyranny; but it proved so popular that we've continued them ever since.

From Monday to Friday, the Templar Report features current news, analysis and showcases the Templars' unique brand of 'muscular Christianity'. Four of each week's shows are hosted by Jim Dowson, with the Tuesday evening slot always filled by guest presenter Nick Griffin.

Green Energy Suicide in Belgium

The country at the heart of the European Union just axed a quarter of its power-generating capacity. Despite the energy crisis engulfing the whole EU, the country's most important nuclear reactor is now being dismantled, in accordance with the country’s “green” nuclear phase-out law.

The Doel 3 nuclear reactor ceased operation on September 23 after operating for 40 years. Back in the 1960s, Belgium’s leaders declared that fossil fuels were no longer enough to power the country’s growing energy demands, prompting the construction of Doel 3 in Doel, as well as three others (Doel 1, Doel 2, and Doel 4) in Tihange.

“The Doel 1 reactor started operating in early 1975, followed later that year by Doel 2. Doel 3 was launched in 1982, and Doel 4 was completed in mid-1985,” Euractiv reported.



Arward is a tiny island off the coast of Syria, that during the 13th century was the last remaining Templar stronghold in the Holy Land.

Trans charity Mermaids gives harmful chest-flattening binders to teenage girls and advises that puberty-blockers are safe and 'totally reversible'

A transgender children's charity has been accused of giving chest-flattening devices to young girls against their parents' wishes.

Escaping When God Says to Flee

When dark times come, God often raises up heroes, standing firm in the midst of fierce persecution, resisting evil even to the point of death. If God calls you and your family to shed every last drop of blood, then be courageous, and stand firm even to the end. This is how the Church discovers its greatest martyrs.

During such troubled times, God also calls many pilgrims to escape danger, and to flee. Faithfully protecting their wives and children, leading them to safety, these valiant men raise up the next generation who will carry the torch, preserving Christian civilization itself.

The Knights Templar Order