Dr prescribed ‘Transgender’ 9-Year-Old Puberty Blockers Over Skype

A doctor in Britain has been struck off the medical register after it was found that he had prescribed puberty blockers to a nine-year-old after a ten-minute Skype session.

Dr. Michael Webberley has had his name scrubbed from the medical register after it was found that his treatment of 24 patients constituted a “catalogue of failings”.

Look What We Found!

A dog's head, uncovered in a crumbling old stone wall, may seem like a rather random find, but don't like the missing ears and fire-blackened muzzle deceive you. Because what at first sight looks little more than a piece of rubble is in fact a most remarkable link back to the founder of our Order, and thence to St. Patrick - the founding Saint of Christian Ireland.

Unveiling the battered ancient hound exclusively on last night's Templar report, Brother Jim Dowson explained the full significance of the find: 

A man from Atlanta retired to spend the rest of his life cuddling premature babies

A man in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, spent his 15-year retirement cuddling premature babies and being a shoulder to lean on for struggling parents at his local hospital.

Stunning Find in KT Chapel Rebuild Project!

First the headless stone bust, then the vintage pistol, and now something even better! A third stunning object has been found buried in a wall as the St. Donard Priory chapel restoration project gets into full swing.

What is it? And why is this article illustrated with an old photo of a regimental mascot Irish wolfhound?

Black trainee vicar blocked from priesthood for his "right-wing views"

A black trainee priest has said he's “massively disappointed” after claiming the Church of England stopped his upcoming curacy in London.

Calvin Robinson, who said he doesn’t believe the UK is institutionally racist and doesn't support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, has now left the Church of England claiming it blocked him from the priesthood because of his opinions.

"Let Them Eat Bugs!"

With world food supplies crashing and millions of families having to choose whether to 'heat or eat', the global elite have come up with a solution for the peasants who have no bread: "Let them eat bugs!"

This is literally the message from this new article on Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum website. Like the WEF's notorious "You will own nothing and be happy" piece, it will surely be thrown down the Memory Hole once they feel the inevitable public wave of anger which such out-of-touch arrogance will spark. But the screenshot here is 100% genuine - this really IS on their official website; it really is what the elite think.

Thousands attend March for Life in Croatia

Thousands of people have attended a March for Life in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, as pressure mounts on doctors to perform abortions against their conscience.

The March for Life on Saturday was held amidst controversy over a woman seeking an abortion because her child is disabled. 

Islamification Brings Fear to Italy

The mainstream media have kept it quiet, but news has filtered out of Italy about the insidious spread of anti-Christian intimidation and violence. The steady drift from heartland of Western Christianity to Islamised failing state continues, and such a demographic, cultural and religious shift has consequences.

London Council Claimed Three-Month-Old Babies Are Racially Biased

Islington Council in London has in the past published claims that babies as young as three months old can show racial bias, demanding that extremely young children should be talked to about the issue of “race”.

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