Two thirds of French people believe white Christians are 'threatened with extinction' by Muslim migration

Two thirds of French people think white, European, Christian populations are being 'threatened with extinction' by immigration from Muslim and African countries.

Wars and Rumours of Wars

Matthew 24: 3 - 13

Read and ponder....

Disney Division Hosting Drag Queen Story Hour

A division of the Walt Disney Co. is hosting a drag queen story hour event aimed at the children of employees, with the intention of celebrating the “gender fluidity of childhood” while providing kids with “unabashedly queer role models,” according to screenshots of leaked internal emails.

Gab’s Statement on President Trump’s Social Network

Christian alternative social media network Gab has issued the following statement. If by chance you're not already on Gab, we recommend you join right now!

Austria: Thousands of peaceful pro-lifers march as aggressive protesters kept back by police

As thousands of pro-lifers walked through the centre of Vienna in this year’s March For Life, the police had to step in numerous times to prevent highly aggressive protesters from disrupting the peaceful march.

Russian Church To Help Christian Immigrants VIDEO

The steady trickle of Christian 'refugees' moving to Russia from the insanely liberal West is growing - and the Russian Orthodox Church is now actively helping.

Fears for 17 Egyptian Coptic Christians missing in Libya

At least 17 Egyptian Coptic Christians have gone missing in Libya this month according to International Christian Concern (ICC).

School Treats VACCINATED Pupils As Threat

A Miami school is treating vaccinated pupils as potential threats to other children and staff, on account of the risk posed by them shedding spiked proteins.

English streets more unsafe for women than they ever were

West Yorkshire’s head of policing and crime has admitted that the streets are “less safe for women than they ever have been” in the multicultural English region.

The Knights Templar Order