Who Were The Knights Templar? VIDEO

This is a good introductory video to the original Knights Templar. This is the true history of the forebears of the revived Order.

Ancient Turkish Cathedral to Become a Mosque Again

The ancient cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul – the former seat of eastern Christianity – could now be dedicated to use as a mosque after Turkey’s high court on Friday ruled its conversion into a museum in 1934 was unlawful.

Lockdown 2 - Won't Be Fooled Again

"You won't fool them again". That's the message from UK behavioural scientists to the British government as it sets about its plans for another economy-wrecking, health-destroying, culture-crushing lockdown.

Transgender Threat to Young [video]

The trans movement is spreading like a malignant cancer; until recently a problem so obscure as to appear irrelevant, it is now ruining the lives of more and more young girls and their families. In this eye-opening video, Abigail Shrier, the author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, discusses the explosion of teenage girls identifying as transgender. She also discuss how the trans movement is destroying an entire generation of girls and how this sinister ideology has spread so quickly. 

Ireland’s children’s minister pushes to help minors ‘change gender’

The Irish minister for children, disability, equality, and integration has said he supports proposals to make it easier for children in Ireland under the age of 16 to “change their gender,” after the government confirmed that it will introduce such laws for 16- and 17-year-olds.

Hungarian Mother Appeals to the West

You must listen to what this brave woman says! This was a very popular video when we first put in out five years ago, and watching it again it's even more clear exactly how right she is.

Come and Join Us!

With brethren active all over the world, the Knights Templar are advocating and organising for a muscular Christian response to the globalists' Plandemic and their rent-a-mob Antifa/BNL thugs. Take a look - come and join us. Because it's better to stand together than alone!

Judge rules Christian adoption agency can’t ban same-sex couples

Adoption agencies can’t discriminate against same-sex couples that want to be parents, a judge in the U.K. has ruled. But they can discriminate on the basis of religion.

Farm murder: Violent killing of pregnant woman in South Africa

A pregnant woman had her throat slit on the evening of the 4th July, during a gruesome farm murder that also targeted a male victim and two children. 

The Knights Templar Order