Climate Change Lunacy on the Rise [video]

Climate change lunacy has reached Ireland, big time! The climate alarmists in the Dáil – the Irish Parliament - plan to force householders to rip out perfectly good oil and gas heating systems and replace them with electric ones. How much are their cronies running the privatised electric industry giving them as backhanders?

What Are YOU Doing On New Year's Eve?

What are you doing next New Year's Eve? Well, here's a suggestion - take a look at this stunning display from Edinburgh, Scotland! Having seen it, why not find out about spending it in Edinburgh?

Did the Church of England try to influence the Brexit vote?

Newly revealed reports reveal that the Church of England had been accused of trying to influence the EU debate, after it emerged that a cathedral service featured pro-EU prayers in honour of the UK's membership of the European bloc.

History of The Knights Templar - Part 1: Hugh of Payens [Video]

Amid all the different theories about the beginning of the Templars there is one constant. The founder of the order was a certain Hugh de Payns, knight.

This is the first video in a Knights Templar YouTube Series. This episode is taking a look at the Order's founder, Hugh of Payens, and how his personal philosophy helped shape the mission of the order.

BREXIT: Will Boris Johnson stand up to EU over UK fisheries?

The UK's top Brexit negotiator David Frost has indicated that he will play hardball with the EU on every issue in what could be a victory for UK sovereignty - and fishermen. On the 17th February, Frost gave a major speech at ULB Brussels University in which he set out the British government’s plans for a UK-EU trade deal.

His words will give hope to many Brexiteers that Mr Johnson will not be kowtowing to EU rules and regulations in a post-Brexit world, but valuing the country’s new ability to make its own rules. 

Nicola Sturgeon wants to ELECTROCUTE Trump and Boris' privates?

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has joked about "electrocuting" US President Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in the private parts in a worrying interview.

Templar Report: Caroline Flack

Guest presenter Jim Dowson speaks about Caroline Flacks suicide and the actions of the press.

Warning:  Viewer discretion is advised.


Stunning medieval chapel uncovered in County Durham, UK

More than 370 years after it was destroyed in the wake of the First English Civil War, a stunning 14th century medieval chapel has been uncovered in County Durham, UK. Part of Auckland Castle, the remains of the long lost place of worship — Bek's Chapel — were uncovered with the help of staff and students from Durham University.

Outrageous: UK Parliament spends £28k of taxpayer money on furniture

Lavish and expensive new furniture costing a staggering £28,000 has been bought by parliamentary authorities for Portcullis House - at the cost of the UK taxpayer.

The Knights Templar Order