Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities following COVID vaccines

Thousands of women around the world are reporting disrupted menstrual cycles after receiving injections of COVID-19 vaccines.

The U.K.’s government vaccine adverse event system has collected more 2,200 reports of reproductive disorders after coronavirus injections, including excessive or absent menstrual bleeding, delayed menstruation, vaginal hemorrhaging, miscarriages, and stillbirths.

Scientists Warn of 'Vaccine Treadmill'

You wouldn't know it watching all the TV coverage of the 'success' of anti-covid vaccines, and Big Pharma is rubbing its hands over the profits to be made from tweaking vaccines to deal with new variants, but a growing number of pro-vaccine scientists are increasingly worried that the 'vaccine treadmill' could also have genuinely devastating health consequences.

The prospect of annual - or even bi-annual - covidbooster shots are music to the ears of investors. But some independent scientists warn that trying to outsmart the virus with booster shots designed to address the next variant could backfire, creating an endless wave of new variants, each more virulent and transmissible than the one before.

Big Pharma certainly likes the idea of more and more vaccines:

NI Secretary given new powers to expand abortion

The Northern Ireland Secretary, Brandon Lewis, has announced that the Conservative Government has introduced regulations to Parliament that will give the Northern Ireland Secretary new powers to enable him to force Stormont to to expand abortion access across Northern Ireland  through the commissioning of abortion services.

Gender Revolution Devouring its Children

The saying that "revolutions devour their own children" is being proven yet again! But this time its not Communists shooting other Communists for not being the right sort of Communist. Now it's happening among the LGBTQ+ as the victors over normality and decency fall out over the spoils of sexual power.

Harvard-trained MD: Globalists using COVID to crush spirit of mankind

Dr. Peter Breggin is an acclaimed psychiatrist with decades of experience researching and writing about a great many topics. He previously did consulting work with the National Institue of Mental Health. 

Recently, he wrote a new book that connects all the dots on the coronavirus. It’s titled COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey.

Thank God for Bitcoin

Thank God for Bitcoin! That's the title of a great new book by a group of committed and well-informed Christians. We only came across it a few days ago, and we can't recommend it too highly.

Study puts COVID infection fatality rate at 0.15 percent

A new study released by Professor John P. A. Ioannidis of Stanford University, California, has found that the infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID-19 is significantly lower than previous studies indicated. According to Ioannidis, a medicine and epidemiology professor, the virus is less deadly than once thought, registering at a mere 0.15% fatality rate.

Notre Dame WILL Rise Again

Two years ago today, firemen in Paris were still damping down the smouldering ruin of Notre Dame - one of the most iconic cathedrals in the world. In the weeks that followed, liberal atheists, led by France's President Macron, pushed all they could for a 'reconstruction' that would have created a modernist monstrosity in place of the much-loved 800-year-old Gothic elegance of the original. 

In a rare but very welcome victory for tradition and true faith, it has now been confirmed that the liberal effort to exploit the fire to get rid of the real Notre Dame has been abandoned.

UK ‘third wave’? COVID deaths to be ‘dominated’ by those vaccinated

In official documents released by the U.K. government, models for the planned “third wave” of COVID-19 predicted that any hospitalizations and deaths would be “dominated” by people who had already been vaccinated.

The Knights Templar Order