Memorial Day – The Last Monday In May

This U.S. federal holiday is observed on the last Monday of May to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the military. In 2019, it will be observed on Monday, May 27.


EU Results – No Political Road To Salvation

A huge win for Nigel Farage in Britain. Further advances for Le Pen, Salvini and Orban in France, Italy and Hungary. But also a big growth in support for various liberal parties and the ‘Watermelon’ Greens (green on the outside, red inside). Meanwhile the real far-right went up in a few places (notably Slovakia) and down in others (particularly Greece. In other words, for all the huffing and puffing, the latest European elections confirmed yet again the impossibility of addressing the real crisis of the West though the ballot box.


What is The Trinity Salute?

You’re going to see it more and more! After years of ‘our people’ having no visual or symbolic response to the infamous forefinger gesture of Islamic State (and all the other Wahhabi terrorist gangs), that is changing at last. We are now seeing the spread of the ancient Serbian three-finger salute as a gesture of defiance against the Islamists and a statement of our faith and of the willingness of Christian Europeans to fight for it.


The War Against British Christians - KTI Report

Bible-true Christians are increasingly persecuted in Britain. This shocking KTI report into the problem was first published in March 2017, and things have got even WORSE since then!


Paying Tribute to the Fallen

All across the United States this weekend, people are paying tribute to the fallen military service members  and heroes.

Lindsay Graham’s Venezuela Madness

Lindsey Graham is predictably agitating for another military intervention in Venezuela:

The Next Battlefront: Social Media

Imagine a day when newspapers publish articles regarding only the benefits of late-term abortions, socialism, and open borders.  Where history books vilify Republican conservatives for fighting to defend slavery, inciting segregation, and founding the KKK.  Cable news shows would report crimes committed only by conservatives or capitalists, and social media allowed only leftist ideas to be communicated over their platforms. 


Breaking News: Terror attack in Lyon

At least 13 people including an eight year old child were wounded in what police believe to be a terrorist nail bomb attack in the French city this evening.

The Hidden Templar: Elite War Lies Exposed

The fake news media are covering up another huge scandal in which lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction were used to drag the USA and Britain into war...


The Knights Templar Order