Do you descend from this Spanish hero?

The hero who began the 770-year war to liberate Spain and Portugal from the Islamist tyranny of the Moors gazes out today across the little village of Cosgaya. Deep in the green Cantabrianian mountains of northern Spain, the village was the birthplace of Reconquista hero Pelayo.


Templar castle, Vrana, Croatia

Explore the ruins of the Templar castle in Vran, Croatia. Very few organisations in history have ever had the ‘reach’ and presence of the Knights Templar.


Soure Castle and the Knights Templar

Soure Castle in Portugal was the first Portuguese castle of the Knights Templar. With the area still threatened by the recently defeated Caliphate armies, the site was fortified by the Templars as soon as they took control of it in March 1128.


Templar Castle - Monzon

Today it lies in a fertile plain within sight of the majestic Pyranees mountains in northern Spain. But for several hundred years, Monzon Castle was on the front line in a seemingly endless war of attrition between Islam and Christianity. 

The Great Heresy - Busted

Templar Castle of San Servando

The Castle of San Servando is a medieval castle in Toledo, Spain, near the Tagus River. It was begun as a monastery, occupied first by monks and later by the Knights Templar.

Trump, Israel and Ireland

Templar Castle: Ruad Island, Syria

Lying just off the coast of the one-time crusader town of Tortosa, this tiny island (also known as Ru’ad) was the site of one of the Templars’ last major battles.

The Tiny Church at the Heart of the Knights Templar

Hidden within the charming town of Tomar, Portugal, lies a hidden gem of historical significance - the tiny church of Santa Maria do Olival.

The Knights Templar Order