Do you descend from this Spanish hero?

The hero who began the 770-year war to liberate Spain and Portugal from the Islamist tyranny of the Moors gazes out today across the little village of Cosgaya. Deep in the green Cantabrianian mountains of northern Spain, the village was the birthplace of Reconquista hero Pelayo.


Ancient Knights Templar Stronghold of Lorgues

Take a virtual walk around the ancient Knights Templar stronghold of Lorgues, a town in Southern France.

Pre-Islamic Spain – What Was It REALLY Like?

Politically Correct ‘fake history’ tries to portray Muslim rule in Spain as an era of enlightenment and tolerance which came after a time of dark and ignorant barbarism. The truth is VERY different. Not only was Islamic rule brutal and destructive, but Visigothic Spain, the era which came before the Arabic conquest, was marked by a thriving intellectual and literary tradition fostered by the Christian Church and the monasteries.


Rhodesia: What A Time It Was

For more than ten years, a couple of hundred thousand white Rhodesians, together with loyal Africans and hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, fought off impossibly huge numbers of black Marxist terrorists.


The Attack on the Family – excellent book on the liberal agenda

“Never has the institution of the family been put in such jeopardy as it is today. Wars, tyrannical rulers and the reducing of entire peoples into slavery, although never absent from history, have damaged or even destroyed individual families, but the institution itself had never been touched.


Liberal decadence is NOT an alternative to Islamisation!

The disgusting terrorist attack on mosques in New Zealand is – predictably enough – already being exploited by the far-left and the liberal elite to demonise all criticism of the Islamisation of the West.


Templar Report: The Gun Control Agenda

Most of the Democratic candidates to become the Presidential nominee still give lip-service to the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Not so the Democratic Governor of Virginia.



The Twelve Apostles - Who Were They?

The word disciple ” refers to a “learner” or “follower” The word “apostle” refers to “one who is sent out” While Jesus was on earth, the Twelve were called Disciples. The Twelve Disciples followed Jesus Christ, learned from him, and were trained by him. 

Conservatives Of The World Unite

Meet one of the most effective champions of Christian homeschooling in America – perhaps, indeed, the entire world!

The Knights Templar Order