France lift the World Cup, as the French lose France!

France emerged victorious from the 2018 World Cup final on Sunday, defeating Croatia 4-2 in one of the best cup finals in recent memory, and whilst the French team lifted the trophy, the French state lost control of its own streets as thousands rampaged through the streets, looting, destroying property and attacking police and riot officers.

Up to a million people had been enjoying a good-natured atmosphere at an event on the Champs-Élysées in Paris following France’s 4-2 win against Croatia.

But as midnight approached roaming bands came in from the outskirts of Paris and began launching projectiles including bottles at police, who responded by firing tear gas while the area was evacuated.

ski mask-clad thugs broke into a drugstore and fled with wine and champagne — with a police source estimating up to 150 people were involved in the break-in.

In the city of Lyon, 11 police officers were wounded, and 30 people were arrested after hundreds of rioters rampaged through the streets, setting fire to trash cans, attacking cars, and smashing into shops including department store Printemps, glassware retailer Baccarat, and Lacoste.

The France of Charlemagne, Pascal and Hugo is dead. No longer the first daughter of Europe, it has been transformed by mass Islamic immigration, on the orders of its corporate-globalist class, into the land of looters and lawless thugs.

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