Free At Last – Hungarian Journalist Cleared Over Tripping Of Jihadist

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A victim of liberal persecution and a mainstream media hate campaign who was helped by the KTI has been cleared of wrong-doing by the Hungarian Supreme Court.

Petra Laszló who was vilified by the liberal media after she was shown apparently tripping up a migrant who was among a mob breaking through police lines on the Serbian-Hungarian border. Petra was filming the incident when the crowd of more than 300 charged towards her and police officers.
Following liberal media smears, the mother and talented journalist was sacked by the TV station for which she was working. She was then warned by the police that Jihadis had put a price on her head.
In fear for her life, Petra and her family had to leave Hungary. Alerted to her plight, the Knights Templar International provided emergency financial aid and a home in a safe place a long way from Hungary until things calmed down.
It later emerged that the ‘refugee’ she was accused of tripping up was connected with Al Qaeda affiliates fighting the secular, elected government. Despite that, he was later given a job as a football coach in Spain.
Petra, meanwhile, was hounded through the Hungarian legal system, convicted and portrayed by Soros-linked journalists as some kind of racist thug.
Earlier this week, however, the highest court in Hungary ruled that she had committed no crime.
Petra’s lawyer, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy, said after the judgement that several legal procedures will now be launched against press outlets which made the false accusations.
We congratulate Petra and his husband Gábor for their victory, which is a victory for all the people of Hungary against the perverse activity of liberal political forces, which ruthlessly lie about patriots, conservatives and Christians. And we thank those who donated to our appeal and helped us to help this deserving family in their time of need.
The Knights Templar Order