Great Song for Remembrance Season

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Great Song for Remembrance Season

"A Pittance of Time" is a 2002 Canadian folk song by Terry Kelly. The song was written to remind people to observe the two-minute silence on Remembrance Day after observing a man in a shop failing to do so.

On 11 November 1999, Kelly was in a drug store which announced over the PA system that they would be observing the two-minutes silence at 11am for Remembrance. Kelly observed the silence but noticed a man in the queue in front of him demanding that the clerk run his shopping through during the silence. Kelly also noted that the man's daughter chastised him by saying "Daddy, you were supposed to be quiet through that time" 

Kelly's anger about the lack of respect led him to write "A Pittance of Time" as a plea for people to observe the two minutes silence on Remembrance Day.



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