House our War Heroes before the undeserving NOW!

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On the 17th of December, ex-soldier Darren Greenfield died, rotting on the streets of the country he fought to defend.

Darren, like nearly 13,000 EX-SERVICE PERSONNEL, was living rough on the streets when sadly he passed away during the cold winter. Ten percent of those living hand-to-mouth on the streets are thought to be veterans; many of them suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder.

If not for the work of veteran charities, offering their time and services to help homeless veterans, Darren’s story would be all the more common.

Our Government can offer jobless refugees accommodation in mansions but allows those that have served their country in warzones to die like dogs on the streets!

We DEMAND the Government tackle this issue IMMEDIATELY by offering unused homes and the necessary physical and mental health care to those that have placed their lives on the line, in defence of this nation.

By signing our National Petition you can add to the growing chorus of citizens demanding we put ex-servicemen and women first and help those in desperate need before the undeserving.

It is time we fight for them!

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