How CAN This Be Forgiven?

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How CAN This Be Forgiven?


The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah after the men there said they wanted to have sex with His angels, rather than Lot’s attractive daughters.

It was a sign that the degeneracy and sin had gone too far for any forgiveness.So what can we expect to happen to a society in which its media praise a mother and father who raise their little boy as ‘gender fluid’ and then take him to homosexual parades from the age of six? Two years later, this is the result! At the New York City Gay Pride Parade, 8 year old Desmond Napoles danced and twirled for homosexuality wearing a rainbow tutu and gold sequined cap. The little kid has become a ‘heartthrob’ in the LGBT community, even being praised by gay columnist, blogger and television ‘personality’ Perez Hilton.It doesn’t get plainer than that! Pray for this poor little boy. And perhaps start collecting millstones!




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