Identity Politics: The Dirty Game We Must Play

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Identity Politics: The Dirty Game We Must Play

There was a time when being patriotic was considered a good thing.  Now if you love your country and people you are xenophobic and a nazi or whatever the label of the day is.

where and when will we have a nationalist march? Or are we forever going to sit around saying we should take a stand without actually doing anything?

If the climate change freaks can organise and put millions of boots on the ground throughout the world then why can't we?

The simple fact is native Europeans and Americans are not having children and lost the spirit of community once so strong; these two things combined are fatal to the life of any nation!


Crusade for America!

The Fightback starts HERE- TODAY!

Flyers- brochures - every home crusade – Multimedia information films – Advertising and much MUCH more as Templars world-wide rally to Americas Cause of FREEDOM,LIBERTY and GOD! DEUS VULT!