Ireland Needs A Yellow Vest Rebellion


With mass evictions, declining wages and living conditions and a puppet government in the pockets of foreign bankers and the EU, Ireland is ripe for revolution and trouble is beginning to stir in the Emerald Isle...

A video of banker-backed thugs beating pensioners and dragging them from their ancestral homestead and throwing them onto the streets has caused uproar in Ireland. Ireland's bought-and-paid-for Taoiseach (Prime Minister) even apologised to the bankers security firm when the citizens took matters into their own hands and removed the security team. 20 patriots removed the armed thugs from the premises and made it known that there will be no more evictions in Ireland. The video has led to numerous demonstrations and citizens throughout the country are dawning yellow vests (like their comrades in France) and taking to the streets with their numbers growing daily!

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