Ireland’s Last Chance To Stop Mass Murder

“I am a young, proud, ambitious Irish woman and I am sick of being told that without the right to kill, without the right to take a human life, I am somehow not equal”.

To protect both mother and baby Irish voters tomorrow must Save the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution which protects their right to life, and bans abortion.

This articulate young lady makes a brilliant case against the proposal to legalise the murder of thousands of Irish babies.

If you’re Irish, vote ‘No’ tomorrow – and take someone else who will do likewise to the polling station. If you’re not Irish, then since the social media corporate elite have effectively shut you out of the debate (with the clear intention of favouring the pro-Herod faction) simply pray that the Irish will continue their resistance to the mass murder of babies as part of the deliberate ethnocide of the European peoples.

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