Irish? Then TODAY You MUST Vote Against Child Murder!

Irish voters have an historic opportunity today to continue their resistance to the liberal elite effort to force abortion up to six months on thousands of innocent babies every year.

At six months, babies don’t only have fully formed bodies, including hair, and nails on their little fingers and toes. It is also the age at which a baby’s eyes are now developed enough to sense the difference between light and dark. Just a few days of life more and he’ll open them for the first time.

This is also the moment at which unborn children start to dream, experiencing rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Though it’s anyone’s guess what babies dream about!

Irish voters have been deluged with emotive pro-abortion propaganda about a handful of exceptional and tragic cases. Yet the real tragedy would be if this results in thousands of innocent children being injected with deadly poisons or torn limb from limb while alive and feeling everything, without even anesthetic.

Because THAT is the brutal reality of abortion. And it’s why we urge every single one of our Irish followers not merely to go today and vote ‘No’, but also to take someone else with them who will do the same but who otherwise may not bother. Go on – make a difference! Do the right thing!

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