KTI Health Alert: Two Horrible Diseases That Doctors Often Miss

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If you or someone you know is suffering from a whole raft of mental and physical sickness problems, if the doctors are baffled, if tests for all sorts of possible causes find nothing – the problem could be Lyme Disease. Read this, watch the video and pass this post on, because someone out there desperately needs the knowledge YOU can pass on with one or two mouse clicks….


Lyme Disease is spread by bites from infected ticks. It is spreading rapidly in Britain, North America and all over Europe. It has a weird ability to mimic many other diseases, which is one reason it often baffles doctors.

While on the subject of often misdiagnosed debilitating diseases, here’s one that’s even less well-known, but which can be even more devastating: Addison’s Disease. Again, even if it doesn’t ring a bell with you, pass this post on, because you never know who you’re going to help. Thank you!

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