Mary McAleese: perverter of the faith!

Ireland's former President Mary McAleese has launched a scathing attack on the Church, labelling it "an empire of misogyny" and went on to say if the church wishes to have any future it much cease with their defense of traditional marriage and pro-life beliefs.

The Catholic Church is one of the last great bastions of misogyny,” Mrs. McAleese said. 

She launched her tirade at the world headquarters of the Jesuit Order in Rome at the Voices of Faith conference which seeks a greater say for women in the governance of the Church.

Mrs. McAleese, a West Belfast native, attended the all-girls Saint Dominic’s Grammar school on the Falls Road; one of the best performing schools in the UK. Whilst attending Saint Dominic’s, a sound, strong Christian ethos was instilled in the pupils including Mary, by the nuns which ran that prestigious institution. A supposed woman of faith, it is now clear to everyone but the wilfully ignorant, she is working to another agenda: a liberal globalist agenda!

In 1975, not long after leaving the Irish education system she became a founding member of the Campaign for Homosexual Law reform (her son Justin is an open Homosexual) and voiced support for the introduction of abortion into Ireland. It should not come as a shock that Mary was a vociferous supporter of the destruction of traditional marriage and repealing the eighth amendment during both referendums.

In 1992, she played a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for the eventual repeal of Ireland’s eighth amendment, testifying as a legal expert on behalf of the government when they successfully pushed for partial overturning of the Abortion ban, allowing abortion in a small number of cases.

Much like the Marxist Sinn Féin party drape themselves in the tricolour and proclaim themselves to be the torch bearers of Irish nationalism as they push the globalist line of open borders, Mrs. McAleese plays the part of the dear-old, Catholic ‘mammy’ quite impressively: attending mass on Sunday's and meeting with leading Church members including the Pope, duping the masses of genuine decent Catholics with her emotive lingo, whilst agitating against the Church and its teachings.   

Her ability to play both sides of fence; to be everything to everybody goes beyond mere opportunistic behaviour. A charlatan like her has scarcely been seen in Ireland. Her pleasing and seemingly caring persona guarantees her prime-time slots on Irish television and radio and the people cannot get enough of it.

She, more than anyone else, pushed the liberal agenda for the last 30 years and has come to represent the New Ireland: The EU-loving, LGBT friendly, Anti-Catholic, abortion-pushing feminist fanatics that have near omnipotent control over every institution in The Irish Republic. For now, she is a national treasure and a global leader and whilst she will remain a pillar of liberal Ireland and a darling of the globalist media, future generations and historians will not be so kind; it rarely is when assessing liars and traitors!

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