May Day carnage around the world

Masked left-wing radicals rampaged through the streets of Paris, attacking police and onlookers and burning and looting stores. The May Day tradition of wrecking everything in sight and the sheer scale of the carnage and violence shocked the French capital.

Cars belonging to the proletariat they claim to represent were set ablaze; even family owned businesses were trashed.

200 left-wing brats are now behind bars awaiting trial for the devastation inflicted on one of the world’s most stunning cities.

But is was not just in Paris where Marxists and Anarchists saw an opportunity to unleash their naïve fury. Chilean and Puerto Rican authorities were also attacked as they attempted to halt mob’s hell-bent on destruction.

Water cannons were used on demonstrators in Socialist Venezuela, where apparently the regime of Nicolas Maduro is not quite Socialist enough for the citizens of a country reduced to eating family pets to stay alive.

Minors skirmishes broke out in the Philippines, New York, Istanbul and in Moscow where LGBT militants clashed with Police.

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