Minneapolis or Mogadishu...

America is not exempt from the population replacement project of the anti-Christian globalists. Idyllic towns and cities of the United States are being transformed without consideration for the descendants of the people that built some of histories grandest living spaces. The inhabitants of Minneapolis know firsthand the effects of importing hostile, incompatible cultures into Western nations.  

 When it was noted that the carry-on bags of multiple frequent airline flyers traveling from Minneapolis to Somalia contained millions of dollars in cash, law enforcement was naturally curious to know where the money came from and where it was going. It soon emerged that millions of taxpayer dollars had been stolen through a massive scam of Minnesota’s social-services sector, specifically through fraudulent daycare claims. The money appears to have wound up in areas of Somalia controlled by al-Shabab, the Islamic jihadist group responsible for numerous terrorist outrages.

Though the total loss to the state’s $248 million daycare program remains to be determined, we have a serious case of deceit, obviously.

But American tax dollars going to the fanatics of that failed East African state is the least of our worries. In 2016, a Minnesota jury returned guilty verdicts against three Somali-Americans who disputed the ISIS-related terrorism charges brought against them by the office of United States Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger. Ten defendants were initially charged, but six had already pleaded guilty by the time the trial started. The Minnesota trial was the largest such case ever brought in the United States.

The group comes from Minnesota’s large Somali immigrant population, officially estimated at 40,000. The true number must be closer to 140,000. 

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