Misused Trust – The Muslim grooming scandal film

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The liberal elite don’t like it. The police hate it. And so do the grooming gangs, because every girl who sees this is forewarned and forearmed. ‘Misused’ Trust is a powerful response to the scandal of mass gang rapes in towns and cities all over Britain.

The shame is that the far more numerous English community failed to do anything similar. Instead, the first man to stand up and expose the scandal was arrested and twice put on trial for alleged ‘incitement to racial hatred’, and while a million people voted for him, Nick Griffin was demonised by the very newspapers which now – belatedly – talk about the problem.

Since then, some journalists, and Tommy Robinson, have also spoken out, but despite some belated police actions, the problem is still endemic in many areas. But not in Sikh ones, because the groomers know that young Sikh men are organised to protect their sisters.

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