MSM Cover Up New Migrant Army Poised To Smash Its Way In!

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The mainstream media are keeping the crisis hidden from you, but an armed force of 20,000 young men is right now poised to overwhelm thinly stretched police forces on the Bosnian-Croatian frontier.


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Their planned breakthrough into the European Union will reportedly take place ahead of signing a proposed UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration pact. Several countries such as the US and Austria have already backed out of the treaty; others are expected to follow suit.


The Freedom Party of Austria supports the government’s decision not to sign the UN global migration pact dealing with the rights of refugees and migrants. Roman Haider, the Party’s foreign policy spokesman says Austria will not be alone in resisting the latest suicide-by-immigration pact:

“We don’t think it compromises our EU presidency. It is a necessary step and we expect to be followed by other countries i.e. Italy, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia.”

A numbers game, at least 20,000 non-European benefit bandits are now preparing to smash their way through the fragile border near Velika-Kladusa. The migrant crowd is made up of young men of Pakistani, Iranian, Algerian and Moroccan descent; there are almost no women in this group.

There are reports that many of the insurgents are armed with clubs and knives. Local media outlets have already reported one incident, involving a border officer who was attacked by the knife-wielding migrant.

However, the Interior Ministry is not overly concerned as the intent of most of the invaders is to use the breakthrough as a corridor to Germany, France, Belgium, Scandinavia, Holland, and the UK, which countries are considered a soft touch.


“Migrants want to Germany, to Scandinavian countries. Austria is not the best option for them right now,” the source in the ministry said.

The growing crisis at the Bosnian-Croatian border comes a month ahead of a December 10th – 11th UN conference in Morocco, where The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration will be adopted. The pact is described as a framework to maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of migration.

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