Open Borders Until 2022! This is UNACCEPTABLE!

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Brexit in ruins: British Government Betray the British People. Open Borders Until 2022. The deal is done!


Britain and the EU have just struck a deal on the future of Britain. Britain will be forced keep its borders open and abide by EU law until the year 2022.

This is exactly why we voted to leave the European Union in the first place!

This means more, refugees, Jihadis and immigrant spongers will be on their way to soft-touch Britain, putting the lives of our children in danger and moving into our already overcrowded towns and cities.

How much more can the British people take?

We are asking the British people to sign our petition and show the traitors in Westminster we will NEVER stand by as traitors negotiate away the future of our nation. The EU needs us, we do not them!

Hands off our Brexit!

Will you sign?


The Knights Templar Order