Pacifist NUT campaigners indoctrinating children against Remembrance Poppies

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Leftist school-teachers are again looking to pervert Remembrance Day by using it as an opportunity to indoctrinate school-children.

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Two years ago. pacifist campaigners were accused of “indoctrinating” children after the National Union of Teachers (NUT) promoted a scheme to sell white poppies instead of red ones.

The Peace Pledge Union (PPU), founded as a Communist front group, launched a new campaign for schools across the country to endorse white poppies.

The organisation exhibited at the NUT conference, where it signed up over 100 teachers to its inaugural network.

Whilst the NUT has said it does not have a formal partnership with the PPU, it also added that it only allow stalls to exhibit at their conference if they agree with their objectives.

Symon Hill, co-ordinator at the PPU, said: “The key thing we get across is that white poppies represent all victims of all wars, civilians, ambulance drivers, and those who fought for a different country.

“We are a pacifist organisation, we make no apology for that. We share a commitment for working for peace, rejecting militarism and attempts to glamorise war.

“The last thing we want to do is indoctrinate children or impose our views on them. We want young people to have the chance to consider a range of views.”

Despite that, the teachers the PPU signed up will all be working to twist the minds of children on this issue between now and November 11th, as so many leftist teachers do all year round.

Just one more reason for homeschooling!

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