Peace in Korea and the liberal media reaction

After the historic summit between President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, the liberal media went into meltdown. Every excuse was trotted out to play down the monumental achievement of bringing last peace to region. Whether one was watching CNN, CBS or MSNBC, the narrative was the same: it was nothing more than a photo opportunity, Trump was appeasing a tyrannical dictator, the agreement struck was vague etc.  

Little mention was made of North Koreas commitment to denuclearize by 2020 and Trump’s promise to end military exercises on the Korean Peninsula (although some journalists with a shred of integrity were willing to give the President his kudos in this regard.)

President Trump, with a little strong-arm diplomacy, was able to do what President Obama could not accomplish in 8 years: bring North Korea in from the cold on American terms and averting the prospect of any potential conflict in the most volatile region on the planet.

In the meantime, sanctions will remain in place until the complete destruction of all nuclear sites have been verified by American and international inspectors. 

But America is relinquishing its role as the worlds policeman. No longer will we be sending our boys and girls to far-off lands to die on behalf of others. Trump ran on the promise of pledging to bring the troops home; this is only the beginning of America’s withdrawal from conflict zones where the United States has no strategic interest, much to the chagrin of the military industrial complex!

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