Project Veritas: "People just can't know that."

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Project Veritas: "People just can't know that."

Templars, supporters and readers in Missouri, remember these faces. Remember they hate your right to bear arms, your right to protect your families, your country, your freedom and God!!!

This is the true face of liberalism, the uncensored truth, their true evaluation of the voting public; what they will do if they take the reigns of power in November. All public elected officials who don't want to follow the law of the land and uphold the constitution should be removed from office. Such people do not belong in a kitchen at a fast food joint, never mind the senate. Where are their principles?

There can be no tolerance toward democrats in our new social order, lest they destroy everything President Trump and hard-working Americans have accomplished!


Crusade for America!

The Fightback starts HERE- TODAY!

Flyers- brochures - every home crusade – Multimedia information films – Advertising and much MUCH more as Templars world-wide rally to Americas Cause of FREEDOM,LIBERTY and GOD! DEUS VULT!