Dear parents,

Do you have sons?

Regardless of what modern society tells you, please remember that:

  • Your boys are not rapists in waiting.
  • Your boys are not inherently violent or misogynistic.
  • Your boys are not privileged by nature of their sex.
  • Your boys are not broken and in need of being fixed.
  • Your boys do not need to be drugged up.
  • Your boys are not inherently toxic and there is nothing toxic about their masculinity.

Just take a look at the rise in suicides and mass shootings, all committed by young men.  This is not due to their ‘toxic masculinity’

This is because these young men are desperate and nihilistic.  They grew up from boyhood in today’s toxic society that shames them for their masculinity, emasculates them, feminizes them, weakens them and then bully, attack and ridicule them for being weak and docile.

A lot of these young men exposed to this toxic conditioning by a feminist society and in a desperate attempt to gain acceptance, or cast off their natural manhood and masculinity, eventually fall victim to:

  • Suicide
  • Mass murders and shooting
  • Becoming drag queens, or
  • Undergoing gender reassignment to become women.

On the one hand, men are branded with the toxic masculinity label while at the same time being ridiculed with the phrase “masculinity so fragile.”

It is no wonder that men today have their psyche so fragmented that they are desperate, aggressive, confused and nihilistic. You would be the same if you were subjected to decades of the conflicting messages and conditioning from your childhood

To raise manly men, your sons need to know that it is okay for them to be strong, masculine, rugged, and manly men.

Let them know that their assertiveness, their bold and daring behaviour is not aggression.

Let them know that being boisterous and reckless is okay. It means that they have a sense of adventure and willingness to take risks.

Masculinity and manhood are gifts from God, so the dignity and genius of men should be celebrated, not suppressed.

Do not believe the lie of feminism that young men being masculine and gentlemanly equals “toxic masculinity” or that young women being modest and feminine equals “female subjugation”

Instead of suppressing and demonizing the inherent masculinity and manhood of your sons, foster and nurture it.

Protect your sons from modern society’s relentless attacks on manhood and masculinity by:

  • Saying to hormone blockers,
  • Saying no to social engineering and trans and LGBTQ conditioning,
  • Removing them from environments, groups and societies, such as the American Boy Scouts that emasculates them and suppresses their masculinity,
  • Raising with strong male role models of masculinity,
  • Allowing them to simply be boys.

There is indeed a crisis of masculinity in today’s world and the restoration of authentic manhood and masculinity in men begins within the home, with YOU – the parents.

St Joseph, model of manhood and masculinity, pray for us!

Originally posted at: Traditional Catholic Femininity

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