RESIST TRUMP Protest Carnival: London 2019

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RESIST TRUMP Protest Carnival: London 2019

“Workers united will never be defeated” Sing the middle class students who have never done a days work in their lives.

These so called social justice warriors are not warriors at all, just mobs. Most are just delusional people, perhaps some were paid by people like Soros to hold a sign. Their allies in the news media incite violence and boost the image and activities of these groups by giving them attention they do not earn and hiding their crimes! Media talking heads undermine the truth and governments in the hope of destabilising these institutions to the point of chaos and anarchy!

While we have your attention, we would like to remind you of our Emergency Ukraine Appeal

While BILLIONS of Dollars pours into western Ukraine, the beleaguered people in the east have been forgotten and abandoned to starve or freeze to death. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! In conjunction with our brethren on the ground in the area I am asking you to dig deep and send your immediate financial support (as best you can) to our EMERGENCY UKRAINE WAR APPEAL!