Russia – Saved By Christ, Hated by NWO Satanists

If you’ve wondered why the Satanist New World Order gang hates Russia so much, this video should answer the question!

Saved by God, now guarded by Christians in Russia. “Oh the Holy Mother Russia they sought to destroy has been resurrected by Christ with a new and stronger faith. They destroyed Christ the Savior Cathedral but it was rebuilt by Christians in Russia. Thousands of churches and monasteries that have been destroyed have been repaired or are being repaired. “The world should see the Orthodox Russia’s great feat of rebuilding all that was destroyed”, Patriarch Kirill said in 2010.

No, they will never stop hating Christ and his followers. They will continue to try to blind the world from the miracle in Russia. They own the western media and they have some control of the internet. Who is “they” you ask?

Those who are financially wealthy and despise Christ who have the power to remove him under the law. You know a tree by its fruit don’t you? Then you can know a person by their actions. Call them Communists, Marxists, Globalists or liberals. No names are necessary. They failed in Russia but are winning in the West.

From “Christian Freedom in Russia Not Enjoyed in the West”…

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