Save Our Heritage. Nelson Must stay!

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Nelson’s Column has stood proud in the heart of London through all the years, even surviving Hitler’s Blitz as a symbol of British pride.

But now a gaggle of taxpayer-funded far-left Snowflakes are pushing to have this iconic piece of our precious heritage smashed with a wrecking ball and ground into dust!

Labelling the statue of one of England’s greatest sons “controversial”, the publicly-funded group English Heritage is using our money to run a ‘debate’ about tearing down  yet another statue of our ancestral heroes.

Help defy the loony lefties advocating ISIS-style tactics to erase our history and the memory of our heroes!

Pledge your support for our campaign to preserve the monument to this great man, who gave his life to defend our freedom from ‘European’ tyranny. Our heritage is not up for debate!

England expects that every man (and woman) will do his duty!

Will you sign?

The Knights Templar Order