Scottish Government to Allow 5 year-olds to Choose their own Gender

Scotland’s neo-Marxist fake ‘nationalist’ government is to forcibly indoctrinate Scottish schoolkids into believing that they can “choose their own gender”.

New teaching materials created by the NHS, Scottish Government and Education Scotland advise that kids aged between five and nine-years-old should be taught the twisted ‘gender’ fantasies of cultural Marxism.

As part of the Curriculum for Excellence, the controversial guidelines say that children need to learn about gender to be able to “learn about themselves”.

The lesson plan begins by teaching kids that both sexes can partake in the same activities like baking and playing football – and that boys and girls alike can cry.

But it goes into more detail to discuss the issue of gender and instructing teachers that the lesson should be to understand gender equality and challenge gender stereotypes. That extends all the way to the crackpot ‘theory’ that ‘gender’ can be chosen.

It says that children need to “learn about what we mean by gender, that this is different from the sex we are assigned at birth”, and that “gender is about how we see and present ourselves in the world”.

It then goes on to explain that teachers should tell children: “Your gender is what you decide. You might be a boy or a girl, or maybe you don’t like to decide that.

“People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear, or how you behave, or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

The plan also tells children about being transgender.

Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, Chris McGovern, believes it will confuse youngsters.

He said: “It is deeply worrying that adults are foisting this anxiety on children – it is a darkly sinister intrusion into childhood and it’s cruel.

“At this age, children still believe in goblins, fairies and dragons – they don’t understand such adult issues like gender yet, and these discussions at such a young age will be very confusing for kids.

“Teachers in Scotland are already lagging behind in teaching children how to read, write and do maths – so how can they possibly be expected to become pseudo psychiatrists? I think parents will be up in arms when they hear this is to be taught in schools.”

Scottish Conservative Shadow Education Secretary, Liz Smith MSP, agreed, saying: “It’s only right that we teach children about gender diversity and the meaning of these terms.

“However many parents might feel this is too young for their children to learn about it, and if so we need to listen to their concerns.”

One expert insists kids themselves must “lead the way” and says if they are old enough to ask the question they are therefore “ready” to hear the answer.

Dr Amanda Gummer, child psychologist and founder of Fundamentally Children, said: “It’s not that it shouldn’t be discussed – it’s very important of course.

“But it runs the risk of causing confusion, and I think there is definitely a danger that many are not ready to hear this.

“My suggestion would be to let the children lead the way – if they’re old enough to ask the question, they’re normally ready to hear the answer, but don’t ram it down their throats.”

Let’s cut through all this cowardice and drivel! This scheme is nothing sort of messing with the minds of innocent children – and all too many of those who want to fiddle with children’s minds have something else on their own….

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