state-sponsored indoctrination in Canada

Canada and the delusional liberal regime of Justin Trudeau is a subject of mockery for many of those on the right. Once a nation that produced the stout-hearted heroes of Vimy Ridge, today, it produces the most wicked form of brainwashing content, deliberately targeting its own youth.

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the tax-payer funded, state own national broadcaster and much like the utopianists in government, from whom the state propagandists take their cues, the normalisation of unhealthy and potentially deadly lifestyles is priority No1.   

Below is a video produced by alleged comedian Jessi Cruickshank and broadcasted to homes throughout the Great White North. The video is also hugely popular on Facebook with nearly one million views since its release last weekend:

Unhinged commenters posted nauseating screeds declaring: “I think this is awesome, those kids are super cute and already gay icons!”, and “that our public broadcaster promotes understanding of sexual diversity among children reflects our high human developed society and our true Canadian values.”

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