Templar Report: Brexit, Tory Deceit & Ireland

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Standing in for our presenter, British patriot Jim Dowson breaks down the latest news from around the world in our brand-new instalment of the Templar Report. 

Mr. Dowson breaks down the British Governments attempt to subvert the will of the British public by deliberately sabotaging Brexit

In their drive to Keep Britain in the EU, the puppeteers in Brussels are using Ireland as a wedge to halt Britain’s march to freedom (aided by the complicit Tory Government) and are prepared to sacrifice the future of the Irish people in the process, and the Irish political class is only too happy to play along.

Mr. Dowson also casts his eye on the Newtonards “Halloween scandal” that made headlines around the world when drunken youths, pictured outside a mosque on Halloween, dressed as members of the Klu Klux Klan.



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