The Day of Freedom march and anti-Christian bigotry

Many people have asked the Templars why we were not supportive of Tommy Robinson’s Day of Freedom rally that took place in London on the 5th of May.

Considering the line-up featured the pederasty apologist Milo, a drag queen, militant feminist Ann-Marie Waters, arch Neo-Con Raheem Kassam, Sargon of Akkad (a devotee of Ayn Rand) and Tommy Robinson himself, I am sure our readers can forgive us for our hesitation in throwing our weight behind this eclectic a band of liberal ‘right-wing’ weirdos.

Many of the attendees who contacted us spoke of their disgust at the parading around of a drag queen on stage. Still, we must question why they attended in the first place when one considers the calibre of the main speakers. Was it simply the presence of a dancing and singing deluded man dressed in female garb that repulsed the attendees? If so, those posing as patriots need to do a lot of soul searching!

More disturbing was some of the language used by the marchers themselves. Ali Dawah, a Muslim YouTuber was scheduled to speak on the day but some of the marchers became incensed at his presence and he was pulled from the line-up and denied his right to freedom of expression (ironic isn’t it?)

After being told he was being barred from the event, a large crowd gathered around Dawah and his bodyguard. Foul-mouthed ‘patriots’ then began hurling vile anti-religious abuse. Later, Mr Dawah’s bodyguard was attacked.

Below is a clip of the anti-Christian rant of one of the attendees:

How can we make common cause with such people? To call such men patriots is an insult to the men that braved the bullets of the Somme and stormed the beaches of Normandy, nearly all of whom were Christians. But according to this chap they were ‘brainwashed.’

The collapse of the family and Europe’s birth rates, the destruction of traditional gender roles, the near abolition of sovereignty and borders and falling standards of morality can all be traced back to the declining influence of Christianity in our societies. Feminism, gender confusion and mass immigration (all of which is anti-biblical and an affront to our God), have flourished in the absence of Christian teaching and practice throughout the West.

Only through embracing the faith of our ancestors, in which all our cultural and folk history is embedded, and rejecting the Liberalism eating away at the soul of our peoples can we hope to resurrect the nations of Europe and the West.

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