The First ISIS? Bolshevik ‘Revolution’ Slaughtered Millions of Christians

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The First ISIS? Bolshevik ‘Revolution’ Slaughtered Millions of Christians


This time exactly one hundred years ago, the Russian people saw the first anniversary of the Bolshevik coup that had already turned their country into a giant slaughterhouse.

Misleadingly termed the ‘Russian Revolution’, the whole brutal affair was in fact conducted with massive funding from New York’s Wall Street, and the vast majority of the leading ‘revolutionaries’ were not even Russian. 

The Bolshevik seizure of power in Russia had many close parallels with the fake ‘Arab Spring’ and then ISIS ‘uprisings’ in the Middle East.

Thanks be to God, Russia has now thrown off the Communist yoke, and become deeply Christian once again, but the leftist cancer mutated and now afflicts the West. Let the bloodshed and horror of the Bolshevik regime be a lesson and a warning from history!



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