The liberal attack on America's borders

Just when we thought the fake news media and Soros-paid liberal shills could not stoop any lower, the past few days has shown us that liberals will use any tactic to demonise our President and country. This time their weapon of choice are children and their target: every American citizen, our sovereignty and borders.

Footage of crying children separated from their parents in detention centres has gained wall-to-wall coverage around the globe.  The policy to prosecute all illegal border crosser's, including illegal alien adults who breach our southern border with their children, would be a normal and sane policy at any other time, and in any other part of the world; not so in the USA with President Trump at the helm.

But where was the fake news media and the phony liberal outrage when the Bush and Obama administration separated border crossing families for processing and detention? I hear crickets!

The left is no longer shielding their agenda from the eyes of the American people. They are on a mission to destroy, not just the sovereignty of the nation, but to subvert and erode every institution in the land and every law in the book. President Trump came to power in 2016 on the promise to secure the border and protect the citizenry from the drug cartels poisoning our youth and the gangsters streaming across the border.

Many of those coming in from Central and South America are, of course, not drug traffickers or gang members, but they are, non the less, criminals. They flouted the laws of the nation and jumped the queue in search of a better life (often at the expense of the American taxpayer); a life their own countries could not give them.

The vast majority of the 12,000 child border crosser's in federal custody were actually sent to the southern border by their parents with human smugglers. Liberals and the smugglers made these children a pawn in their game, not President Trump.

Liberals often will claim that those flooding the nation are only seeking a better life for their families. This is true in many cases but what they fail to tell you, whether through ignorance or deliberate deception, is the horrific level of crime committed by illegals.

The U.S sentencing commission statistics on illegal immigration and crime should be etched into the minds of every patriot. The next time liberal apologists for lawbreakers spout their piffle about low migrant crime and the ‘they are just doing the jobs Americans refuse to do’ mantra, educate them with the cold, hard facts.

The illegal migrants they cherish commit:

  • 22% of all murders
  • 18% of fraud
  • 33% of money laundering
  • 29% of drug trafficking offences
  • 72% of drug possession

Do not be deceived by this latest ploy. Liberals will use words like “compassion” and “tolerance.” But when it comes to compassion for the hundreds of thousands of tax-paying Americans, their lives irreversibly ruined by violent migrant crime, they are as silent as the grave far too many Americans are sent to, often at the hands of the drug pushers and gang members the liberals have allied themselves with!

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