The Omagh bombing: 20 years on

It's been 20 years since one bomb robbed 27 families of their loved ones, nearly destroyed a fragile peace and caused revulsion at home and abroad. On August 15th 1998, the RIRA planted a bomb in the small town of Omagh, on a a busy Saturday shopping day. No one has ever been convicted of the atrocity.

29 people, and two unborn twins lost their lives. More than 200 others were injured in the Real IRA attack. It was the deadly terrorist attack in the history of the troubles.

One victim, Aiden Gallagher (21) had been making plans to move to Boston with a friend. Aiden's coat still hangs on the wall of the garage where he worked as a mechanic

DUP leader Arlene Foster said: "The anniversary of the Omagh bombing should serve as a stark reminder of the need to build a future free from violence."

 President Michael D Higgins said: "As President of Ireland, I wish to add my voice to the expressions of solidarity with the people of Omagh and to take the opportunity to acknowledge again the courageous work of the first responders of 20 years ago."

"On this poignant anniversary, all of our thoughts must be with the families of those affected and with all those who continue to work towards a future of peace and reconciliation."  

A memorial service will take place in Co Tyrone today to mark 20 years since the Omagh bombing.


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