The rising of the English

Spineless politicians, corrupt police commanders and ideologically-driven journalists did their best to avoid addressing the appalling epidemic of enslavement, rape and torture of young English girls.

Not only did the police and the BBC collude to withhold information on the crisis from the wider British public, but police officers arrested desperate fathers that attempted to rescue their teenage daughters from the clutches of their Islamic captives.

The liberal liars in the fake news media dismissed the horrifying reality of the scale of the abuse as “far-right” propaganda. Local councillors waved off the desperate pleas of the young girls and turned them away – back into the arms of their Muslim enslavers.

Like Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, Rochdale and so many other towns and cities across the U.K, Muslim males in Sunderland have been targeting young English girls for sexual exploitation. In some of the documented cases, the girls have been as young as ten.

But we are witnessing the first signs of resistance (not that the media would dare cover it.) Last week, thousands of concerned Englishmen and women took to the streets of Sunderland to highlight the sexual abuse of young English children in that city.

These rallies against the grooming gangs are nothing new but we have never seen a march on this scale and at such short notice. We pray the English people, for the sake of their womenfolk and future generations, muster the courage to shut down these rape gangs once and for all.

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