The Secret Trial Of Tommy Robinson and The Rise Of The Police State

The mask has truly slipped. The British government, in their attempt to make the transition from a Christian European nation to a third world Islamic theocracy, are throwing its citizens into secret prisons and gagging the media.

Last week, Tommy Robinson was arrested outside court whilst covering the trial of Muslim rape grooms accused of the enslavement, torture and rape of white children. He was bussed across the country, sentenced to thirteen months in prison and the media was banned from reporting on his arrest and sentence. He was then sent to a Muslim-controlled prison.

Whilst we have been critical of Tommy and his allies and share almost nothing in common with them except for our opposition to the Islamification of our once great nation, we welcome the fact that ordinary men and women are standing up to the Stalinesque tactics employed by our Government and are taking to the streets in their tens of thousands.

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