The Snake Oil Heresy Gripping America

The Snake Oil Heresy Gripping America

As the End Times near, God Himself will cause people to have ‘strong delusions’. And few delusions are stronger than so-called Christian-Zionism. And almost certainly, none is more dangerous as a potential fuse to World War Three.

Widely believed by millions of decent Christian Americans, the Christian-Zionist dogma is in fact a modern heresy, based on a corrupted Bible created by a snake-oil salesman.

Yet this dangerous anti-Christian nonsense now fills the heads of huge swathes of the American conservative movement.

It’s time to wake up, and return to true Christianity, and to government that puts the American people first in their own great country, instead of making them pawns in the elite’s ‘Great Game’.

It’s what Donald Trump is clearly trying to do with his latest efforts to extract America’s brave soldiers from endless wars in the Middle East.

This video and understanding this subject help explain why he is finding it so difficult to do what he was elected to do.