The White Helmets are a part of Al-Qaeda, don’t let them resettle in Europe – Syrian MP interview

Last month, roughly 400 White Helmets were evacuated from Syria by Israel, where they will then be resettled in Western countries. I had the opportunity to talk to Mr Fares Shehabi, the Member of Parliament for Aleppo, and discuss this development, as well as the Syrian situation in general.

What is your personal assessment of the current ground situation in the Syrian Civil War; how close is the Syrian Government to regaining total control of the country?

“There is no civil war in Syria. There is a war raged on Syria using radical jihadi proxies who are backed by the West & Israel and financed by KSA, Qatar, & Turkey. The Syrian army backed by the Syrian population is very close to completely liberating all of Syria from terrorists and separatists alike.”

The White Helmets are known to most Western audiences as a group created to undertake search and rescue missions for those affected by bombing, evacuate civilians from danger areas and provide emergency medical assistance. Is this an accurate description of them, and if not, how would you describe them?

“The White Helmets are a fake make up for known terror groups mainly al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the Nusra Front. Most of WH’s are Qaeda terrorists and all of its bases are within areas controlled by the Nusra. Their job is to demonize the Syrian army, beautify jihadi gangs, and provide NATO with fabricated hoaxes in order to attack Syria.”


Recently Israel, acting on a request by the UK, USA and other European nations, carried out an evacuation of roughly 422 White Helmet operatives and family members to nearby Jordan, where they will be then resettled in Western countries. What is your opinion on this development?

“Fearing a scandalous exposure that will reveal the names of many foreign intelligence operatives amongst the WH’s, a decision was taken to extract them through the occupied Golan. The Syrian gov ran many successful reconciliations with thousands of armed rebels and agreed to peacefully evacuate thousands more who refused these reconciliations, hence, one can only understand this extraction as an extraction of agents and tools and not a rescue operation.”

The IDF, responsible for the evacuation, continue to say that Israel “maintain a non-intervention policy regarding the Syrian conflict”. Do you agree?

“Israel openly supports all terror groups in the south including ISIS. We have confiscated tons of Israeli weapons there and the across the border cooperation between Israel and these terror group is widely known and proven.”

Are you concerned that, following two military strikes on Syria from the United States in consecutive years, that President Trump may militarily intervene again?

“We never base our liberation of our land on any madman’s impulsive behavior anywhere in the world.”

Is there a final short message/warning you have for our European readers, perhaps relating to the resettlement of the White Helmets across Europe?

“We urge Europeans to reject this stupid move and to prosecute all corrupt politicians behind it. Your countries cannot be safe by allowing radical jihadi traitors to live among you! The White Helmets are a part of al-Qaeda and are blessed by al-Qaeda jihadi doctrine.”

You can find Mr Shehabi on Twitter @ShehabiFares

Interview published at: The Voice of Europe

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