There are Templars …. And there are Templars!

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“I paid £1,500 for my full Sir Knight regalia and status and I’ve heard nothing since”. “I’m not going to join because I’ve seen that you’re masons”. We get calls and messages online like these every single day and, in every case the answer is the same: “You’ve got the wrong Knights Templar!”


The Knights Templar International don’t sell Sir Knight status to strangers out of the blue and we certainly don’t charge four figure sums for anything. And we are NOT freemasons, because we regard their worship of a ‘Grand Architect’ as heresy – God MADE Heaven and Earth, he didn’t just assemble building blocks that were already there!

The reason for this confusion is that the imagery and mythos of the Knights Templar are hugely powerful and attractive. So much so that there are literally dozens of groups and retailers, most of whom exist only online, using and abusing the name of our illustrious forebears.

Some Templar organisations, especially in eastern Europe, are thoroughly decent people who do good work in the fields of charitable works, heritage and encouraging their members to lead good lives which make a difference in this all too imperfect world. We respect these bodies and enjoy good fraternal relations with them, but even though we share the same name and even at times the same outward appearance, they are not us and we are not them.

Others, especially some of those selling ‘Templar’ merchandise – from T-shirts to full sets of regalia – are nothing better than crooks. Even worse, we believe that one of them is actually Muslim, making money from unsuspecting innocents while gathering their names and addresses!

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Even where these operations are genuine, we must stress that they are absolutely nothing to do with us. We do not know who these people are, or where they are based. We do not know what they do with your money and we have no influence whatsoever over them, nor do we have any control over whether or not they honour and supply the items for which you paid.

As for their ideas, there are self-proclaimed ‘Templars’ out there who, in addition to being freemasonic heretics, are ‘post-Christian’ liberals and boast of links to the United Nations – a Godless, Tower of Babel institution up to its neck in the promotion of abortion and anti-Biblical internationalism.

So please remember at all times: There is only one Knights Templar International, and that is us. There is only one KTI website, and that is here. We are responsible for the memberships and the merchandise that we sell, but not for those advertised by anyone else.

We are 100% responsible for the many actions and activities that we undertake, but we have no knowledge or, let alone responsibility for, anything done by anybody else, regardless of what name they use, clothes they wear or flags they carry.

We answer for ourselves, and only for ourselves, to you, and to God.

Then we thought about the alphabet soup splitting of certain Western Templar bodies, and this came to mind…..

The Knights Templar Order