Timebomb Britain – Even The BBC Is Getting Worried!

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Timebomb Britain – Even The BBC Is Getting Worried!

For decades, the BBC has led the charge in favour of effectively uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation...

The Corporation even used taxpayers’ money to make ‘undercover’ smear programmes intended to get critics of the policies jailed as ‘racists’. But now even the BBC is realising that something is going HORRIBLY wrong in towns like Blackburn. The stunning turn-around is highlighted in particular not just by English residents worrying about losing their town, but also by a Muslim ex-policeman who is the only person who dares to mention the giant green elephant in the living room – the explosive growth of Islamic extremism. Meanwhile, as we also learn, the Home Office and government stick their heads in the sand and refuse even to respond to the official report they themselves commissioned.


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