To Love One's Servitude

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To Love One's Servitude

The rise of the surveillance state, the eroding of our fundamental rights, and the censorship of anyone that has ever entertained a right-wing Christian idea. You'd think a rebellion is on the horizon... 

It was not Orwell's dystopia that prevailed but Huxley's. Sex has not been suppressed but rather glorified (and sold to children.) Drug use has not been outlawed but encouraged by the entertainment media and political lobbyists (and sold to children.) The surveillance state cannot be fought if the masses are glued to the liberal, mind-numbing media; the very instrument used to pervert the mind. The slave does indeed love his chains. Only strong faith can crush the inconspicuous, ideological bondage which rules over us. Your path to freedom begins with the cancellation of your Netflix prescription, tuning out of mainstream culture and rejecting the false, ungodly ideas of the cultural distorters. 


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