Tommy Robinson – Can You Judge A Man By The TV He Watches?

Tommy Robinson has shared a photo of himself meeting Love Island’s Wes Nelson and said the ITV show “helped him through his prison sentence”.

He shared a selfie of the pair on his Instagram account on Saturday.

Robinson wrote: “Lovely lad, watching Wes on Love Island helped me through my prison sentence. They was in Love Island for as long as I was away.”

The 35-year-old told prison staff in a complaint form that “you are punishing me with no TV.”

If any TV show sums up Britain’s addiction to cheap, hedonistic, rootless trash, it is surely Love Island. A genuine ‘right-winger’ would regard being made to watch it as ‘cruel and unusual punishment’!

But Mr Robinson, of course, is a self-confessed liberal, who opposes Islam because it ‘threatens liberal values’. 

Anyway, the man who the ‘patriotic right’ think will lead them to salvation, looks to Love Island for strength in times of need!

God help the Brits – though why He should is another question entirely!

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