Toronto Van Slaughter – The Key Fact “They” Won’t Mention

In an unusual departure from the normal practice, the mainstream media are being quick to hammer home the fact that the Toronto Van Massacre suspect, Alek Minassian, is an Armenian and that “90% of Armenians are Christians”.

As usual, the entire Establishment is missing the point, because it has already come out that Minassian had been suffering from depression. Which means that he will have been on anti-depressant drugs.

And whether its illegal or prescription drugs, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the mass milling attackers in recent times has had a history of drug use.

So while the “Christianophobia” of the media reports this time is remarkable (and, of course, we all understand their motive) so too is the way they ignore the one fact that needs to be addressed if this terrible scourge is to be stamped out. 

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