Virginia’s new abortion bill, explained!

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Virginia’s new abortion bill, explained!

The bill inspired outcry among abortion opponents in the US after its sponsor, Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, told a committee hearing that it would allow abortion until the point of birth...

Remember the times when children and family were women's greatest dream and the most important thing for them? Those were the days. What happened to motherly instincts? Liberalism happened, that's what! Child Sacrifice, that is the aim of the abortion industry and its feminist allies now. For years, the Templars have fought the abortion industry, whether it be in Ireland during the abortion referendum or by helping destitute pregnant women in Europe. The defence of the unborn (and in this case new born) is of paramount importance to the Templars. Christianity in the west will cease to be if a fresh crop of men and women do not follow us!

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