War heroes persecuted, politicians walk free yet again!

One rule for war heroes – but another for politicians. And you won’t need many guesses to work out who gets the rough end of the stick!

The latest example of special treatment for the elite and contempt and gross unfairness for the rest is the difference between the treatment of British soldiers accused of going to far in the war against the IRA in Northern Ireland and House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, who is accused of far more recent offences.

Bercow will not be investigated for bullying because the allegations are too old, it has been confirmed.

The senior MP has faced a string of complaints from ex staff who say he flew into fiery rages and bullied them – allegations he strongly denies.

The allegations emerged at the height of the Westminster sex scandal – which saw Parliament rocked by allegations of sexual harassment, assault and bullying.

The parliamentary authorities promised that they would respond to the flood of allegations – which saw Cabinet ministers quit.

But it has now emerged that the new code of conduct which will be unveiled will not cover the behaviour of MPs before last year’s June snap election.

And  the names of those under investigation for any offence would also be kept secret in a move dubbed ‘unacceptable’ by MPs.

What are the claims of bullying and bad behaviour made against John Bercow?

The new code, drawn up by a crossparty steering group in the wake of last Westminster sexual abuse scandal, is due to be published this week.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen, a fierce critic of Mr Bercow, slammed the revelations,

He told the Sunday Express: ‘This decision will appear as completely hypocritical to the British public,’ he said.

‘Politicians effectively get a free pass for bullying and harassment complaints prior to 2017 but our brave service personnel fighting for our country are held to account for allegations going back decades.

‘It’s one rule for politicians and another for everyone else. It’s not a good look. ‘

You can say that again. Especially when ‘everyone else’ includes old soldiers, some now in their seventies, accused of shooting known IRA murderers more than forty years ago. Hundreds face investigations sparked by the allegations of left-wing law firms which were always in bed with the IRA.

These fine old men are in some cases being driven to early graves by worrying about the possibility of being charged with murder, when their only ‘crime’ was to defend themselves, their comrades, the innocent public and their country from a gang of brutal Marxist murderers.

For them to face such persecution, while the political elite write their own ticket to legal immunity is nothing short of disgusting!

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